About our Prices

Is our pricing structure weird? Yes indeed. We base all of our prices on what we paid. We have a standard mark-up which is lower than most of our competitors. So when we are able to negotiate a good deal on something, we pass those savings on to you! We also hardly ever raise our prices on older inventory (to account for new stock purchases). So you may see two almost identical items for different prices. We apologize if this is confusing for you (it definitely is for us), but it is the best way we could think of to be fair and honest to our customers.

Sometimes we limit the number of a certain item you may purchase at one time. We would like to offer our stones to as many customers as possible, and if one customer purchases our entire stock we felt it might not be fair to our other customers. Please contact us if you'd like to purchase more than the limit allows, and thanks for your understanding!