Agate, Blue Lace, Tumbled 1

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Physical Characteristics: Agate is a variety of chalcedony in the quartz family, a silicon dioxide.  Hardness of 7.  Blue Laced Agate displays banding of pale blue and white, often in lace-like patterns. 

Metaphysical Properties: This stone is very helpful in attaining higher spiritual planes.  It contains energies of movement and flight.  It aids in tuning into inner energies, or raising your awareness to higher levels. It can help remove blockages, and is useful when used for the crown, third eye, throat and heart chakras.  Small tumbled stones are perfect for pocket stones or for a medicine bag, though they may get scratched if they are soft.

Please Note: The picture shows sample pieces. The piece picked for you may or may not be shown in the photo. We will use our intuition and attempt to pick out the perfect stone for you! To assist us with this, please leave us a note letting us know what your intentions are for the stone in the comment section during check-out.