Chrysanthemum Stone Miniature Teapot

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Physical Characteristics: Chrysanthemum stone is a natural stone consisting of dolomite, limestone and gypsum clay with formations of Feldspar, Calcite, Celestite or Andulusite in patterns that can resemble the Chrysanthemum flower. They can be found in Japan, China, Canada, and the US.

Metaphysical Properties: These Chrysanthemum Stones have been carved into the shape of miniature teapots. They are solid, single pieces (the "lids" are not removable, nor can any fluid be put inside). Chrysanthemum stones are amazingly helpful in discovering and/or fulfilling life dreams. They can bring "luck", actually synchronicity, in pursuing goals that your soul resonates with, bringing opportunities to bring the goal to fruition. They also help with grounding, as well as with prosperity. They work exceptionally well when paired with Moldavite, Carnelian, Cuprite or Zincite.

Please Note: Option 3 has a slightly damaged knob for the "lid" of the teapot. Therefore, the price has been discounted. In addition, the pictures and weights will change according to the option chosen, but the measurements will not change. However, there is a ruler included in each of the photos to give an idea of the size of the piece.