Cobalt Calcite

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Physical Description: A rare form of calcite, also known as Cobalto Calcite, Cobaltoan Calcite, and Aphrodite Stone. In this form of Calcite, Cobalt has replaced some of the Calcium, giving it a beautiful pink hue. Found in the Britain, Germany, Belgium, Peru, Iceland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, and the U.S. These pieces come from Morocco.

Metaphysical Properties: Our regular reference books didn't have this stone listed, but we did find some information in one of our books as well as the internet. This stone can amplify feelings of joy and unconditional, pure love. It is also a stone of forgiveness, linking the heart and the mind. It can aid in emotional healing, and can remove blocks that are preventing you from finding your spiritual path and/or talents. It can help to heal intense emotions such as a broken heart or feelings of hopelessness.

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