Incense, Hand-rolled from India

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Physical Characteristics: Hand rolled in India, these wonderful incense sticks will add a delightful fragrance anytime you wish! Each box contains 8 sticks of incense. NOTE: There is no cannabis, THC, CBD or any other cannabis-related derivatives in the Cannabis scent, nor is there any Opium or Opiate derivatives in the Opium scent. This incense is purely for fragrance, and is not meant to be directly inhaled or ingested. 

Metaphysical Properties: Soothing fragrances may be very helpful for meditation and/or prayer sessions.

Option 1: Cannabis

Option 2: Cinnamon Sandal

Option 3: Clove

Option 4: Dragon Blood

Option 5: Egyptian Musk

Option 6: Lavender

Option 7: Lemongrass Ginger

Option 8: Lilac

Option 9: Opium

Option 10: Patchouli

Option 11: Sea Breeze

Option 12: White Musk

Option 13: White Rose

Option 14: Wildflower

Option 15: Yoga