Molybdenite (Molybdenum ore)

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Physical Characteristics: Molybdenite is a molybdenum disulfide, and is the most common Molybdenum ore. It is basically Molybdenum layered with sulfur. Hardness of 1 -1.5, it can be found in Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado in the U.S. It can also be found in Mexico. CAUTION: CONTAINS MOLYBDENUM AND SULFUR THAT MAY LEACH INTO WATER. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE IN ELIXIRS.

Metaphysical Properties: Molybdenite has been used to connect the physical self to the inner self.  It is also a good balancing tool--balancing chakras, body, and mind. It helps to bring a stability to life, balancing any chaotic energies. Molybdenum has been used to connect with other worlds, aiding to bring their wisdom to our planet. It can fill voids in the aura and to bring equilibrium in all areas of life. Sulfur can help in focusing, removing negative distractions. it provides abundant energy and flashes of insight or inspiration. Sulfur also helps to protect against negative energy.

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