Psychic in a Box Game

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Physical Characteristics: Give yourself a reading every day! Comes with a set of chakra stones, gameboard and instructions for interpreting the stone "throws". We recommend purchasing additional stone sets for each individual that will be using the game. This allows the stones to become accustomed to the energy of the user, and therefore will become more accurate. As far as we know, these games are no longer available so get yours while supplies last! For entertainment purposes only.

Metaphysical Characteristics: This game was created by a friend of ours who says it was given to her by Spirit. Even exceptionally intuitive people have a hard time giving a reading to themselves. This game solves that problem! Each stone represents a chakra. The gameboard is divided into sections for various areas of your life (like career, creativity, communication, money, etc.), as well as a time frame--the nearer to the center that the stone lands, the sooner you need to pay attention to that area of your life. Give yourself a reading daily, weekly, or monthly to allow Spirit to give you a heads up!

PLEASE NOTE: You will have the option to purchase an additional 4 sets of chakra stones (for a total of 5 sets). If you need to purchase more than 5 sets at $3.00 for each set in its own pouch, please contact us and we will conduct the sale outside of the website.

                         Option 1 = Game only (1 set of chakra stones included)

                         Option 2 = Game + 1 additional set of chakra stones (2 sets total)

                         Option 3 = Game + 2 additional sets of chakra stones (3 sets total)

                         Option 4 = Game + 3 additional sets of chakra stones (4 sets total)

                         Option 5 = Game + 4 additional sets of chakra stones (5 sets total)