Sandstone Sculptures

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2.38 (in)
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Physical Characteristics: Reminiscent of the formations at Utah's Arches National Park, these sandstone sculptures are absolutely gorgeous and unique! They have cork "feet" attached so they are safe to place on any surface without scratching. Sandstone is made from sand that has been exposed to great pressure for long periods of time.

Metaphysical Properties: Sandstone can help with creativity, as well as keeping groups of people focused and united. It can aid in fending off distractions, and can provide insight and clarity in thoughts. It is helpful in situations where things are changing and fluid, making the transitions easier. It is sometimes used to promote acceptance of humanity and to dispel general grouchiness, discouraging temper tantrums and tirades.

Please Note: The picture and weight change according to the option chosen, but the measurements will not. However, there is a ruler included in each picture to give you an idea of size. The option picture will show various views of the same piece for that option.