Shattukite, Tumbled

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Physical Characteristics: Shattukite is often found in copper mines with Ajoite, Chrysocolla, Turqoise, Malachite, and other copper silicates. It is a copper silicate hydroxide mineral with a hardness of 3.5, and is named for the mine where it was first found in Bisbee, AZ. It's also found in Austria, Argentina, Greece, Germany, Norway, Namibia, Norway, Great Britain, and South Africa. These specimens are from South Africa. The pictures show sample pieces for each size, so you may or may not receive a piece that is shown.

Metaphysical Properties: Shattukite is said to work well with the third-eye and throat chakras, enabling one to accurately express psychic visions or connections made with other worlds. It aids in understanding the basic elements of air and water. It is also helpful in channeling information from the spiritual realms, while also protecting the physical body from invasion by the spirits. It can also be helpful in increasing abilities with automatic writing and can sharpen intuition.

Please Note: The pictures, price, and average weight for that size will change according to the option chosen, but the measurements will not. However, there is a ruler included in each picture to give you an idea of size. The option picture will show various views of the same sample pieces for that option. The piece picked for you may or may not be shown in the photo. We will use our intuition and attempt to pick out the perfect stone for you! To assist us with this, please leave us a note letting us know what your intentions are for the stone.