Sunstone, Tumbled "Pocket" Stones

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Physical Characteristics: Sunstone, tumbled and pocket-sized.  Sunstone is a type of orgioclase, a type of Feldspar.  Hardness of 6. It is sometimes called aventurescent feldspar. Found in Australia, Canada, China, Congo, India, Norway, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Russia, Tanzania, and in Oregon, New York, Pennsyilvania, and Virgina in the U.S. The pictures show sample pieces of the various sizes. You may or may not receive a piece that is shown. CAUTION: MAY CONTAIN ALUMINUM THAT COULD LEACH INTO WATER. Not recommended for elixirs.

Metaphysical Properties: Sunstone is useful in clearing and energizing chakras. It helps alleviate stress. It can also bring good luck with games. Sunstone is helpful in dispelling fear and encouraging independence. It brings life and abundance. Small tumbled stones are perfect for pocket stones or medicine bags, though they may get scratched if they are soft. These pieces are on the larger size, so they may work best for pocket stones and/or body layouts.

Please Note: The pictures, price, and average weight for that size will change according to the option chosen, but the measurements will not. However, there is a ruler included in each picture to give you an idea of size. The option picture will show sample pieces for that option. The piece picked for you may or may not be shown in the photo. We will use our intuition and attempt to pick out the perfect stone for you! To assist us with this, please leave us a note letting us know what your intentions are for the stone.