Tiger Eye Merkabah

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Physical Description: Tiger Eye that has been carved into a Merkabah, which is a star formation formed from multiple tetrahedrons sharing a common center but pointing outward in opposite directions. Tiger Eye is a metamorphic member of the Quartz family, a silicone dioxide mineral. Hardness of 7. Found in South Africa, India, Burma, Western Australia and the U.S.

Metaphysical Properties: The Merkabah (or Merkaba) symbolizes a chariot in ancient Jewish religion, based on the book of Ezekiel. An ancient Egyptian translation is a word that breaks down to "light, spirit, body". The Merkaba shape is therefore a symbol for the Divine light vehicle that can transport oneself to and from the heavens. Tiger Eye represents the energies of both the Sun and the Earth. It is a good grounding stone, and helps to bring a peaceful energy. When used by an "earthy" person it can enhance psychic abilities. It promotes intuition originating from the solar plexus chakra. It can help relieve the "blues", and can help one to become more practical. It helps to balance yin/yang energies. It can bring awareness of personal needs as well as the needs of others.

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